The Editor

OverCast features a spell editor accessed from its main menu. This allows players to create a wide variety of spells, based on several available spell types. The spells can then be grouped in sets, which can be chosen at match start.

Once the player selects a spell type, they get a budget of 100 spellpower points. They can spend them as they wish between sliders (based on the spell type) and available additional effects.

Spell Types (as of July 2013)

Projectile spells: These spells fly on a player-created path towards their target when cast. Damage, speed of projectile, effects can be customized among others.

Splash spells: These spells target the environment, dealing damage around their target point. Explosion speed, damage and radius can be customized among others.

Aura spells: These spells enchant the caster, giving buffs to allies or debuffs to enemies. The casting time and duration of the aura are customizable among other properties. The effects of the spell are selected from a list.

Wall spells: These spells create a barrier with variable properties. The element and shape of the wall are customizable.

Shield spells: A player can have only one of these spells per set. It is always cast with the right mouse button and creates an instant barrier for as long as the button is pressed. Strength, size and colour are customizable.

Trap spells: These spells target the environment like splash spells, but do not activate until someone gets close enough. Damage, additional effects, duration, radius and other properties are customizable.

Illusion spells: These spells make the target believe they are in a new environment for a while. Doing enough damage to the victim dispels the illusion. The environment, radius, duration, damage threshold are customizable among others.

Spell Elements (as of July 2013)

Missile, splash and trap spells can have an element. Based on that they gain an additional effect.

Element Color Effect
Fire Red Damage over time
Ice Light blue Slow
Earth Brown Additional damage vs walls and shields
Wind White Increased spell push
Lightning Yellow Flash screen
Acid Bright green Decrease stamina regen
Sound Transparent Slowed casting time
Reconstruction Gold Reverses damage (heals)
Gravity Black Pulls targets