The War

Our world has always been a battlefield. The city-states have fought each other for power since the dawn of time lead by their city councils. Diplomacy, betrayal and revenge had become commonplace. The idea of peace was becoming more and more abstract with each decade.

Even within the cities there were fights for power. Not only were the states at war with each other; there was fierce competition between the citizens too. Every individual with magical potential could fight their way into the citys nobility and perhaps even the council itself.

The constant war was not without benefits, however. Each new conflict new weapons and tactics were employed. This indirectly led to other discoveries, which in their turn improved everyones lives. The downfall was that once a city was conquered, most of its knowledge would inevitably be destroyed.

This chaos continued for countless ages, progress slowly thriving like weed even in the most inhospitable environment, drowned in blood. Then, a discovery that would change the face of war was made: the first homunculus was constructed.

The Homunculi

Beings of flesh, homunculi usually closely resemble humans, although their form depends entirely on their creator. They are beings of immense magical power, able to create spells far more powerful than ones made by humans. Even worse, a humans soul can be captured upon death and imbued into a homunculus, thus achieving immortality through its new body.

Homunculis only weakness is that they require regular infusion of magic through cube-shaped stones called Jet to keep their memories and personality. This is why few nobles chose to change their body for a homunculus. Instead they used their slaves souls to give life to their constructs.