Standard third-person camera, hovering a small distance above and behind the character. As the camera is rotated with the mouse, the character turns left and right, their back always facing the camera.


W, A, S, D for running towards a direction.

Double tapping W, A, S or D for dodging into a direction (except while sliding or sprinting).

Shift for sprinting (only possible forward).

C for sliding (when sprinting).

Spacebar for jumping (except while sliding).

All movements except for the normal running require stamina that regenerates quite quickly, but stops infinite bunny-hopping.

Casting, Curving and Blocking

Spells are selected through number keys or mouse wheel (just like in most shooter games).

Then the selected spell is cast by pressing left mouse button. Holding this button will auto-recast the selected spell.

Blocking incoming spells is possible by summoning a magical shield with right mouse button. The shield has a limited amount of hitponts and will break for a short time when they are gone before regenerating.

Spells can also be cast by pressing middle mouse button. Holding this button allows the player to change the trajectory of their spell by moving the mouse around. This allows for shooting around obstacles and surprising or cornering enemies.

Game Types

As our first game type, we are focusing on a round-based Team Deathmatch. Both teams spawn, after which running around commenses, ending with the demise of one of the teams.

We are planning assault, capture the flag, deathmatch and possibly other game types in the future.


Our first environment will be a medieval-looking dungeon. It will be dark and gloomy.

For future environments, we are planning an egyptian-themed environment and a roman colosseum-like environment among others.